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What you won’t see

We produce corporate video, but we shy away from “talking heads” because talking heads rarely call people to action. So no, we will not set you up in front of a green screen to talk about what makes you unique. You could probably do that with your camera phone.

What you will see

We will ask, then listen to your priorities. We will present you with a storyboard and outline for your piece. We will select the shots and narrative which best Show your audience what makes you unique.

47 Degrees North Executive Producer Kira Elste has Directed & Produced video products on Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Fox, ESPN, MoveNourishBelieve, Special Events, Technical Conferences, Long Term Marketing Campaigns, and more. She is personally product manages each and every project 47 Degrees North Productions, LLC takes on.

Resume Snapshot

Your business are goals are unique.
We want to showcase who you are and what makes you special. Your marketing videos should be as unique as you are .

We take one on one meetings and calls to learn your story, so that when we communicate it in video format we know we have it right. We want to see how you work, and show it off. Then, use a blend of story, great images, and personality to create something captivating.